Southwest Credit Card

The Southwest Credit Card, better known as the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card is one of those cards that have always had a great following from the time it was first introduced on the market. They have their times within the advertising world where they pretty much lay low for a while. This allows for them to seem to make another huge splash and gain new clientele each year when they do another huge promotion. Of course, though they are still always having their deals throughout the year from their current customers as well. Being that they are partners with chase Bank for some time now, you are able to also have the Southwest Credit Card program as part of your Chase accounts as well. Having the Southwest Credit Card gaining points for you as you do your everyday shopping is another great way to be proactive towards those times when you will need to plan trips or redeem some of their other perks with the Southwest Credit Card as well.

You will be gaining 1.5 miles on your Southwest Credit Card account for every dollar that is charged using your Southwest Credit Card. This will take quite some time to add up to being a whole lot of miles if you just happen to be someone who doesn't do very much spending at all. On the other side though, if you happen to be spend thrifty, you will find that the mileage rewards can add up quickly. There are even more perks that make having the Southwest Credit Card totally worthwhile such as the hotel, resort, and rental car perks. Making any type of business plans would be much better made when you are receiving the perks of presenting your Southwest Credit Card at the time of purchase.


If you are spending as much as $1,000 within a three month period then this card will be of great benefit for you because they are offering a bonus 25,000 points for you if you spend at least the $1,000 within the first three month period you are involved with the Southwest Credit Card program. You would not only be able to feel like a celebrity with your new Southwest Credit Card. Because of having the Southwest Credit Card you will also get some extra privileges that will allow for you to get to access some more intimate meet and greets with some celebrities. Also, on the anniversary of your account, you will receive an additional 6,000 bonus points for staying with the program.

Of course, those who are big travellers will benefit from this card the best more than likely. However, just average or even less than average types of travellers will still be able to benefit from being able to keep up with all of the Southwest Credit Card bonus point offerings and stack up on points as they make plans for a much larger trip yearly perhaps. The interest rate isn't too bad either, just make sure that you can handle the payments on the card or else you may end up getting more than you are bargaining for. In the end, the Southwest Credit Card is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to great contenders for cards that offer great traveller benefits at a pretty good APR. Take advantage of this card or at least give it a good look before looking at anything else because the interest rates of others you may find may likely be much higher than the Southwest Credit Card.